Happy Customers July 2017

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We love all of our happy customers. Thank you

Latest Promotion – November 2016!!

The Pan Motor battle bus with details of our latest promotion!!


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Used Motorcycle – Great Deals

Pan Motors have recently taken several used motorcycles into stock which are available fully serviced and road legal. Amongst others, we have Waves, Scoopys, Clicks, Zoomers and Mios so visit us and ride away a bargain



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Road Safety

On 11 August 2016, Pan Motors were proud to provide helmets to Kumphawapi School students as part of a road safety initiative


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Honda CBR

Alex rode out of the shop on this brand new CBR today – a beautiful bike and OOOOO on the clock Alex!! Thanks and will no doubt see you again.

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The best of Honda and Yamaha – how can you resist!!!


On sale now Yamaha M-SLAZ and Honda MSX. Beautiful bikes waiting for you!!!


Yamaha NMAX



A great looking bike for Alan from the UK. Am sure he is Sven Goran Erikssons younger brother!!

Yamaha YZF -R15

SAMMYSPC - WIN_20160206_052528

Love this Bike!!! In stock now

Pan Motors Som Tum dancers

Congratulations to our team of dancers who won first prize at Bua Daeng in the Som Tum dance off!